Welcome to the 2019 Annual General Meeting Page.

Please keep checking this page as items will be added/amended in the lead up to the AGM

Wednesday 6th March

The 2019 AGM will be held at The Crossways Community Centre on Wednesday 6th March, starting at 19:30 hrs.

Venue Directions: - Crossways Youth and Community Centre Old Farm Way DT2 8TU. SY 769884

Following the AGM there will (hopefully) be a presentation of long service certificates (5 & 10 Years) and presentation of ST Assessment Certificates

Minutes of the 2018 AGM will available to download/print, Click here.

Management Committee Reports are/will be available to download below (See Reports on Agenda)

Members are reminded that 2019 Subscriptions (£20) are now due. In order to minimise the administrative effort in collecting Subs Members are requested to pay Subs on or before this AGM.

The Provisional Agenda is posted below.

Elected Positions up for renewal are tabulated below, showing the current incumbent and their intention to stand again or not. As other nominations are received the table will be populated further (Closing Date 15th February 2019, ). Click on the Name of the Applicant to view their Nomination & Seconder and Personal Statement (if provided): -

Election of Officers:

Position Current Intention to Stand Other Applicant 1 Other Applicant 2
Trevor Antell No - Standing down  T Bryant - (Proposed: T Antell, 2nd: S Courtney-Hughes)  
Vice Chairman Lee Stones No - Standing down  T Antell - (Proposed: B Taylor, 2nd: L Crabtree)  
Colin Warburton No - Standing down  REQUIRED  
Vice Secretary Colin Poulter No - Standing down
 C Poulter - (Proposed: B Mace, 2nd: S Simpson)  
Ian McGowan Yes - (Proposed: P Martin, 2nd: S Thomas)
Vice Treasurer Vacant  REQUIRED    
Membership Sec
Chris Ramsey Yes - (Proposed: Tom Bryant, 2nd: Dave Wraight)
Vice Mem Sec Kate Jones  No - Standing down  REQUIRED  
Operations Officer
Simon Thomas  Yes - (Proposed: S Bickel, 2nd: Dave Lloyd)    
Vice Ops Officer Vacant REQUIRED    
Operations Coordinator
Paul Turle Yes - (Proposed: T Antell, 2nd: C Ramsey)  
PR Officer
Tom Bryant No - Standing down  S Courtney-Hughes - (Proposed: T Bryant, 2nd: Dave Lloyd)
Vice PR Officer Sarah Courtney-Hughes No - Standing down to undertake full role  S Simpson- (Proposed: , 2nd: )  
Fundraising Officer Paul Martin Yes - (Proposed: T Antell, 2nd: Dave Lloyd)    
Vice Fundraising Officer Brian Kennedy No - Standing down  REQUIRED  
Membership Representative
Barry Sweetman No - Standing down Martin Adams - (Proposed: C Ramsey, 2nd: S Courtney-Hughes)  
Vice Mem Rep Steph Critchel No - Standing down  REQUIRED  
Additional Trustee *1
Dave Wraight Yes - (Proposed: B Kennedy, 2nd: C Kennedy)    

*1 - Each elected Management Committee member will (by our rules) become a Trustee of DorSAR. Anyone who is not re-elected will cease to be a Trustee. In addition there is one Non-Management Committee Trustee Position which is nominated, seconded and Voted on in the same way as the other posts.

Members wishing to stand for any of the above positions must apply in writing (to the PO Box) or by email to the Secretary. The closing date for nominations is 15th February 2019, Extended until AGM (Only for un-nominated positions). In order to stand for a position Individuals must be proposed and seconded by two other members of DorSAR. Individuals are invited (but not mandated) to submit an overview of their experience, what they believe they offer the post and any policies they intend to pursue if elected. Submissions will be posted as links to this page as they are received.

Appointed positions will be reviewed by the relevant Elected Officers after the AGM.

Provisional AGENDA

NB: Only matters published on this Agenda can be discussed at this meeting. Members can request additions to this Agenda up until 23rd February 2018 after which only emergency matters can be added SUBJECT TO the majority approval of those present at the AGM (if required the chairman will administer this at the start of the AGM). N.B. Documents have yet to be uploaded

  1. Chairman's Welcome and Opening Remarks
  2. Apologies for absence
  3. Minutes of 2018 AGM (Click here to view/print a copy)
  4. Matters arising
  5. Reports from officers for 2018
    1. Secretary
    2. Membership Secretary
    3. Treasurer
    4. Operations Officer
    5. Public Relations Officer
    6. Fundraising Officer
  6. Chairman's report for 2018
  7. Item for Discussion/Vote “ Proposed by the Management Committee “ Membership Fees: To retain at £20 for subs due 2019.Note 1
  8. Vote of thanks for retiring Officers.
  9. Election of Officers (see table above)
  10. Possible Nomination of DorSAR representative Trustee for CYCC (awaiting CYCC confirmation of requirement)
  11. Police Address (Representative from Dorset Police) TBA
  12. Meeting Close.

Note 1 - The retiring Management Committee consider with the current financial situation of the organisation, there is no need to propose a change in membership fee and that it should remain at £20 for subs due in 2020.

Click here to download the Full Rules of the Organisation in which the AGM is dealt with in section 3